Challenges from Across Canada
Each of the following links will take you to the Challenge Crest resources from various Provinces and
Territories. Contact them directly when you complete a challenge.  
  Challenge Crests Available
Alberta & Northwest Territories & Yukon
Arts Challenge, Camp Challenge, Provincial Commissioner's Challenge, CSI,
Emergency Preparedness, Famous Five, Find Your Voice, Four Elements, Gateway to
Our Past, Geocache, Go Green in Your Community, Guides on the Air, Five Region
Challenge, Mouse Around the House, Passport to Fun and Fitness, Polar Challenge,
Send Them To Sangam, STEM, Girls Go North, Climate Change, Firearms Challenge
British Columbia
Circus Challenge, Food Challenge, Outdoors Challenge, Passport to the Arts, Ivory
Coast Challenge, Photo Challenge, Colour Me Healthy, CSI, CWFF Pizza Challenge,
Discover Hostelling, Diversity, Eco Pak, Geocaching, Seasonal Camping Challenges,
Ocean Aware, Rainbow Revelry, 100 km Hiking Challenge, Snowflake Ball, Shakeout,
STEM, World Tour
Literacy Challenge, Manitoba Challenge, CWFF Challenge, Water for Tomorrow,
Child Safety, Drug Abuse Prevention, Gangs, Senior Safety, National Day of Action
New Brunswick & PEI
Art Challenge, Sunsense, Friend to the Environment, Trans Canada Trail Relay, Fishing
Day Challenge, Map to Creative Fitness, Two Feet and a Heartbeat, Stonehammer,
Healthy Living
Fit for Life, Water for Life, Guiding Granny Outdoor Activity Challenge
Nova Scotia
Bridging Challenge, Arts, Heart and Stroke Challenge, Camp Challenge, SPCA, Hikers
Distance Award
Nunavut & Ontario
Sing Ontario Sing, Emergency Preparedness,
Quebec Spin, Chocolate Challenge
Heritage Challenge, Saskatchewan Challenge, World Region Challenge
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