Area Equipment
Southern Horizons Area office has a variety of equipment available for rent. All items must be booked through
the Area Office by phone or email. All items can be picked up the day of use and must be returned the following
day - unless other arrangements have been made. Items should not be passed on to someone else before
checking with Area Office.
- Barbie doll tent (ridge tent made to scale)
- Bean bags
- Blindfolds
- Camera (35 mm)
- Camera (Polaroid)
- Chimes
- Compasses
- Craft samples & instruction sheets
- Dancing ribbons (2 dozen, pink)
- Display boards
- Felt boards (Brownie Story, The Magic
Necklace,                  Legend of the Toadstool)
- First Aid Kits (large & small)
- Flag holsters
- Flag pole - for practicing flags
- Flag stands
- Flags - Canadian, Saskatchewan & World - for flying
- Flags - Canadian, Saskatchewan & World                  
Association - on carrying poles
- Flags - Small Canadian flags and stands for
table                  centres or displays
- Girl Guides of Canada logo on corkboard (large)
- Girl Guides of Canada banners
- Hand Bells
- Hula Hoops
- International flags and dolls
- Magnifying glasses
- Maori sticks
- Maypole and ribbons
- Music cassettes and records
- Nerf balls
- Nesting pots
- Parachutes (large one for large groups & outdoor
use;       small one for small groups & indoor/outdoor
- Plastic magnifiers (29)
- Reflector Oven
- Skipping Ropes (various lengths)
- Songbooks - group sets of
Jubilee & Our Chalet
- Spool knitting
- Swoosh skis
- Tinikiling sticks
- Videos and activities on understanding First
Nations            "Practicing the Law of Circular
- Videos - including the adventures of Madeline
- Weather Radios
- World Centre posters
- Backpacks - $2.00 per backpack per day
- Snowshoes - $1.00 per pair per day **
                    **  $100.00 damage deposit required**

Yours for the Asking:
- Assorted craft items
- Girl Guide pamphlets and bookmarks
- Religion in Life Program pamphlets for all Religions
- World Centre posters

Available in the Library:
- Toys for toddlers to play with while you browse
- Books - divided into these sections:
Pathfinders & Rangers
Guider Magazines
Guide History
Guide's Own
Music and Games
Native Lore